New iPad (2018) review

The new iPad for 2018 is designed to achieve one thing: deliver the best of Apple’s tablet efforts at a more affordable price. Note that we say more affordable, rather than cheap – because the cost is still higher than many other tablets out there – but the new upgrades bring a lot to the […]


New Job

One of the reasons I have not had much time lately is that I have started a new Job. After 15 years of IT support I made a decision to go to software support. I was lucky it is in the same company but had thoughts before and after moving I am supporting Geo science […]


Store Now Open

We have added a store to our site we will b adding more Software/Hardware. We have added discount for the first items and only limited number of these software. More to be added keep a look out and if you would like to see anything added please let us know. Thanks IT Troubleshooters


Check Your Emails

Sorry I have not posted much recently I have changed job and been very busy So it’s 0645 and I’m sat at my desk right now and I’ve turned on my outlook. A pile of emails from yesterday flood the inbox. Filtering through the spammy offers of multi million business opportunities and daily reports I […]