iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is an update on its similar product for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

It features the same odd hump on its back, which hosts the extra battery. Many people were horrified and repulsed by the somewhat clunky design – especially as everything else Apple designs wins awards for subtlety. The Smart Battery Case will not. That said, the bump on the case’s back didn’t bother me at all.

It is, however, a practical design, and the case feels both nice to hold and feels robust in its protective role. It has a soft-touch rubbery silicone exterior, and a soft microfiber lining that’s gentle to your scratch-prone iPhone (especially the Jet Black model). At 101g it does add some weight to the phone (itself 138g), of course.

This is how I felt about the case after first got the case. Now The silicone outer cover cracks and eventually comes off. The battery itself has been good and generally does still keep the phone charged 2 years on.  This is my works phone and use it daily I used to get 3-4 days without charging the phone now it is every 2nd day.  If I use just the iPhone battery then it will just about last a day I did have to get the phone battery replaced 1 Year after the phone.  The covering came off after 6 months I took it back to Apple but would not replace it.

This is how it looks now

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