Should iPhone Users Envy Galaxy Fold?

When Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Fold I must admit I was very jealous as a big iPhone user and fan, and I wasn’t alone. The device has created lots of interest in foldable smartphones, with many dreaming about what Apple might offer a similar device and when apple will release.

However, now that reviews for Samsung’s almost $2,000 bleeding-edge tech, the device isn’t looking very appealing at the moment I’m sure they will fix this just issues of such new technology. Beyond the displays of multiple review units having already failed, there are a host of other problems with the Galaxy Fold.

I think the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first foldable smartphone, and how it could be the start of something new, there are many major problems with this device.

The Bad

Screen durability is bad at best

Display quality

Awkward as a phone

The first problem with a foldable phone that many will ask about is the crease. With foldable displays comes a change in materials, and new problems for durability. Another major problem that offers a rough user experience is the display’s jelly scroll. The Galaxy Fold has also fallen short when it comes to build quality. Also when having the phone in pocked as it’s like two phones very bulky.

Does hearing about all the problems with this first generation product relieve any envy you may have had about the Galaxy Fold? Or do you think will fix all the issues and this will take off?

For me I will be getting one but mainly for reviewing. I do think the issues will be fixed maybe not fully on the first generation. We heard rumours of an apple fold so hopefully these will come true.

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2 Replies to “Should iPhone Users Envy Galaxy Fold?

  1. I think the first gen folds will be full of issues hold off and get a 2nd gen when hopefully all issues will be fixed or improved

  2. Even when most tech sites were very excited in announcing this new tech, I was like… meh.. what?….

    I’m not so sure it’s so new I’ve had flip phones before not as good as this but Samsung and Moto have had flip phone before just the big screen. No longer a phone.

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