OLED TV: what you need to know

Welcome to the world of OLED TV. More manufacturers than ever are betting on OLED technology is seeing wider implementation and improvement all the time, even becoming the display of choice for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. But what is OLED, and why should you care? Standing for ‘Organic Light Emitting Diode’, the OLED […]

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What is 5G? Everything you need to know

What is 5G? 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the very latest research, 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than current connections, with average download speeds of around 1GBps […]

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Microsoft Flow Basics

Microsoft Flow automates repetitive tasks, allowing you to devote more of your time to important matters. It does this by linking different cloud-based apps, collecting data from them, synchronizing files, sending you notifications, and much more. In Microsoft Flow, automated workflows are simply referred to as “flows.” Currently, Microsoft Flow allows you to link apps […]

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Playstion 4 Error  NP-40833-8

I’ve been having sign-in problems for about a week now. None of my devices on my home network can connect to the playstation store or playstation network. When I try to access PlayStation Store on my laptop, I get an error page saying “This page can’t be displayed. Contact support for additional information. The incident […]


Plex Tips & tricks

Lets share some tips and tricks for proper functioning of your Plex Media Server and smooth media streaming to multiple devices. You might ask what Plex and even how to set it up you can find this information Just like any server program (such as WordPress), Plex Media Server works only if its host, i.e., your Windows PC […]


What Is IPTV?

IPTV is growing quickly, with new providers and services popping up alongside traditional TV providers with more IPTV offerings. But what is IPTV? What does IPTV stand for? How does it work? And how can you use it to improve your TV-watching experience? IPTV stands for “internet protocol television.” The “IP” in IPTV is the same […]


IPTV Setup on Amazon Firestick

What you need to do is make sure you are on the top bar on the screen and press right on the remote to scroll across to Settings  then Device then Developer Options and then select Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it to ON. Once you have done the above its time to get cracking so what you want to […]

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How to solve “Bitlocker drive encryption paused and doesn’t resume”?

Following is several solutions to solve “Bitlocker drive encryption paused and doesn’t resume” in Windows 10/8/7/Vista. Solution 1: Run chkdsk on Bitlocker encrypted drive We suggest you to suspend BitLocker drive encryption, turn it off and then check the issue with chkdsk command. Solution 2: Resume Bitlocker drive encryption process 1. Press Windows key + […]