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Xbox-to-Android game streaming is available in preview

You can stream your Xbox One games to your phone, provided you meet some rather specific criteria. Microsoft has launched an Xbox Console Streaming preview that enables playing your installed Xbox One games this is not the Project xCloud service, to be clear on Android devices. You’ll need to be a US or UK based Xbox Insider on the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead rings, and you’ll have to own a Bluetooth-capable Xbox One Wireless Controller. If everything aligns, though, you’re set you can squeak in a round of Gears 5 on your lunch break.

Microsoft plans to expand the preview to other Insider rings and regions sometime in the future. It’s also currently limited to native Xbox One games and not retro players hoping to relive Xbox and Xbox 360 classics. It’s going to be a while before you can simply assume that your game library will be available wherever you are. This beats retreating to the living room, though, and gives Microsoft an answer to the PS4’s Remote Play.

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