Google’s Stadia controller finally works wirelessly with Android devices

Google’s Stadia controller now finally works wirelessly with Android devices. Google originally launched its Stadia service back in November as a subscription to stream games to TVs, Android phones, and the web. Wireless controller support was strangely missing at launch for Android devices, which meant you had to awkwardly connect the Stadia controller using USB.

Google is issuing a Stadia update to its Android app today that will enable the wireless support. It will also be a good opportunity for Stadia subscribers to test how well the Stadia controller roams between a Chromecast, the web, and Android devices.

Google has been gradually improving Stadia and bringing the features it originally promised during the cloud streaming service’s initial unveiling. 4K streaming via the web launched in March, and Google’s Stadia free service was made available in April.

To connect the Stadia Controller wirelessly, your Android phone/tablet will need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the controller. This, of course, means that the Stadia Controller will not be able to connect wirelessly if Google ever allows playing from a mobile data connection.

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