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Amazon’s Echo Buds can finally track your workouts

Amazon’s Echo Buds are getting new fitness features that allow the true wireless earbuds to track your workouts. According to Amazon, the Echo Buds now have the ability to track walks, runs, and other workouts, all initiated with Alexa voice commands.

According to Amazon, Echo Buds can monitor the duration of a workout, estimate the number of calories you burn, act as a step counter and measure how fast or far you walk or run. You can start, pause and end workouts using Alexa commands, and ask for details about your pace.

The Echo Buds workout tracker may not be as robust as dedicated fitness devices, including Amazon’s own Halo. Still, it’s an option for folks without one of those or a capable smartwatch to track their runs.

You can get started by setting up a workout profile in the Workouts section of the Alexa mobile app account settings. You’ll find your stats in the Echo Buds section under the devices tab.

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