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Google is teasing us with dark mode for desktop search

Google is actively working on bringing a full dark mode to Google Search on desktop. Google Search dark mode will also be able to follow the system theme on your desktop.

If you launch an incognito window on Chrome, you might be greeted with a new message on your search. A box points out that “Dark theme is now available” and pushes users to quickly and easily turn the setting on with a shortcut button. Notably, the icon being used does look familiar. We’re fairly sure it was used on a previous dark mode rollout.

Some people on Twitter have seen the new dark mode, too. But it doesn’t seem to be something that everyone has just yet. Google’s search pages are still white for me, for example, even though I have dark mode turned on right now on macOS.

This isn’t the first time a desktop search dark mode has appeared: 9to5Google reported in January that some people were seeing dark mode then. It’s unclear if what people are seeing now is some kind of test or a full rollout, so there’s always a chance that Google could turn dark mode back off.

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