Apple’s rack-mounted Mac Pro variant is now available to order

Apple’s new Mac Pro has been available in a standard desktop tower configuration since December, but starting today, Apple is selling its promised rack model that’s designed to be mounted in server rack setups starting at $6,499.

Priced at $500 more than the normal Mac Pro, the rackmount version is effectively the same in the vast majority of respects, including specifications. All internal elements, including processors, memory, storage, GPU, and Afterburner card options, are identical to the desktop version.

It is also just as upgradable, with components able to be added or removed at the user’s end, without requiring Apple’s support. While the entire case lifted off to access the insides of the standard version, the rack-mountable edition has a lid that can be taken off once the unit is slid out from its mounted position, like many other server cases.

Designed to lie on its side, the rackable model repositions the metal handles to the front, which still sports the unique 3D lattice grille. Locks on the sides, a power button, status indicator LED, and two USB-C ports are also positioned at the front.

Around the back is the same rear access panel as the desk-based version, including PCI card and MPX Module slots and the power connection.

The Mac Pro also includes rails for mounting it to a cabinet as part of the order, but Apple warns the rails will ship in a separate box.

Apple is still including peripherals along with the rack-mountable version. A keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 ship with it by default, but the latter can be upgraded to the Magic Trackpad 2, or both the mouse and trackpad can be ordered.

The new rack Mac Pro is available to order now from Apple’s website, with shipping starting in early February.

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