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Nextbase 522GW dash cam review

Dash cams are one of the fastest growing areas of technology at the moment because they provide peace of mind and can save people a lot of money. The new 522GW Dash Cam from Nextbase is not only an in-car sentinel, constantly recording the road ahead, it introduces Amazon Alexa into your car’s cabin, and […]

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Nextbase 422GW review

Nextbase has completely redesigned its dash cam range, with a new touchscreen interface, more compact mounting system and a brand new app. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a choice of rear cameras, built-in Amazon Alexa and an SOS mode which automatically calls the emergency services with your location if you’re badly injured in a […]

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Nextbase 512GW review

The 512GW is a mid-range dash cam from Nextbase, a company originally set up in 1999 to import portable entertainment systems from China. Since then, Nextbase has developed quite a large range of dash cams. The 512GW is an excellent dash cam that’s easy to install and use. Video quality is very good and it […]

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BMW Advanced car eye 2.0 review

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, a radar based security and surveillance system introduced by BMW worldwide. The system comprises of 2 high definition cameras, one for front and one for rear. Most amazing thing about the system is that both cameras work together and BMW has developed an AI based software that records any attempt […]

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Nextbase 412GW

Nextbase’s 412GW great dashcam has a higher resolution (2560×1400) and a couple of features that make it a better buy. This would have been the one I would have fitted to both cars but at the time of getting the first one there was a good offer on. When going back the Nextbase 412GW was […]

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Nextbase 312GW

The Nextbase 312GW is a smart-looking dash cam which does a lot well, and only a little badly. It has a 2.7in screen that’s flanked by well-labelled buttons which makes it easy to use Nextbase 312GW Price You can buy the 312GW for £99.99 from Nextbase, but it’s £89.99 from Amazon. and you can also […]

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Dash Cam

Dash cams record video while you’re driving so you have evidence if anything happens. Footage from dash cams is now accepted by some insurers to settle who was at fault in an accident and it’s also admissible in court. Here’s what to look out for so you can spend your money wisely. Some dash cams […]