Ubisoft’s new hub will bring cross-play and cross-saves to more games

Ubisoft is merging Uplay and Ubisoft Club into a single hub for “in-game services, activities and communities.” Ubisoft Connect, as it’s called, is an evolution of those services and it works across multiple platforms. As part of the shift, Ubisoft is doubling down on cross-platform progression and cross-play. The progress you make in games like […]

TV Show

Netflix unveils a ‘Resident Evil’ CG anime series arriving in 2021

Netflix has more Resident Evil programming in the works than its live-action show. The streaming giant has revealed Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a “CG anime” series due to premiere sometime in 2021. While the foes of the show (apart from zombies) are still mysterious, the production will revolve around iconic characters Claire Redfield and Leon […]


Been Made Redundant

I am going to talk about my personal experience in the hope we can be more open, and make real changes in the workplace. Men culturally find it difficult to talk about personal mental health, especially in the workplace. The more senior you become, the more it is expected that you should be a leader, […]

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The Mandalorian scores a best drama Emmy nomination for Disney+

Disney+’s flagship streaming series wowed this morning, with a surprise best drama Primetime Emmy nomination this morning out of a stellar 15, technically repping the first Emmy nominations for a Star Wars live-action IP since the 1985 ABC movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor which was then nominated for three Emmys Outstanding Children’s Programming, Sound […]


Mental Health during Covid-19

With the UK now on lockdown it will mean working from home now for a lot of us, it sometimes can make you forget to take regular breaks, and a proper lunch especially for those working night shifts from home. Just a remember, to make sure you take time away from your screen to recharge, […]


Galaxy Z Flip teardown video

The Galaxy Z Flip is available of course someone is in a hurry to pull it apart. While iFixit hasn’t published a teardown of the device to follow their guide for Motorola’s new Razr, the PBKreviews YouTube channel has a look if you’re desperate to know what’s inside the Z Flip and how to take […]