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Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam review

The Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam rather than fitting behind your rear-view mirror like a conventional dash cam, it replaces your rear-view mirror its suction-cupped back allows it to stick right on top of the one currently in your vehicle. It’s definitely a smart idea, but is it smartly executed?

Nextbase Dash Cams are easy to set up, record footage in high definition, with night vision for 24 hour use. With continuous recording and motion triggered incident capture you’ll have the confidence that your Nextbase Dash Cam is always monitoring your road safety.

With innovative design, the Nextbase Mirror dash cam attaches to your existing rear view mirror via 5 suction cups to hold it securely in place. The display screen is hidden when the camera is running and it operates as a rear view mirror as normal, but the screen can be accessed to alter settings or play back footage when at rest. It includes 1080p Full HD video resolution, ultra-wide 140° view of the road, concealable 4″ LED screen, and built-in Wi-Fi and GPS data.

Key features
1080p Full HD resolution for high clarity of image
Built-in Wi-Fi so you can easily transfer footage to your smart device for easy sharing with friends, colleagues or insurers. Nextbase app required (available in iOS and Android)
140° ultra-wide angle lens to capture the entire road ahead
Six element lens for visual accuracy
Can be attached to any sized rear view mirror, using five innovative suction cups. Backup strap mounting also included
GPS location and speed data capture
Wide Dynamic Range for greater contrast and clarity of detail in all light settings
Ultra clear 4″ ‘hidden’ LED display screen
4 hrs recording capacity on 32GB Micro SD card (card not included)
G-Sensor identifies sharp movements in the event of a collision, locking the video file away so that it cannot be deleted.

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