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BMW Advanced car eye 2.0 review

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, a radar based security and surveillance system introduced by BMW worldwide.

The system comprises of 2 high definition cameras, one for front and one for rear. Most amazing thing about the system is that both cameras work together and BMW has developed an AI based software that records any attempt at vandalism while parked. This is based on radar that both cameras have that can detect movement at an early stage and starts recording in parking mode.

And it works for 24 hours without ignition on. It does come at a cost though I’ve been quoted £350 including fitting.

The app for the phone is ok not as good as Nextbase one I’ve been used to. Connectivity to the app is quite straightforward, as in creating a connection between my phone and the unit. You can use the app to change settings and to view the camera while its in use. You can download files or pictures to view on your phone which was quite fast.

As my rear window is tinted in the new car the rear camera does suffer.

All in all a decent unit but if I had a choice I would go with the Nextbase one I’ve also been trying out.

The video quality is good it does 1080 which is what I setup with and was good. I don’t have it hard wired in at the moment this is what had been looking to get done.

Thanks to for letting us review this.


Tamper proof surveillance system that starts recording in “driving” mode the moment you start your car. This captures the GPS location and GPS based true speed of the car. In my opinion this is a must these days to prove your innocence in case you are involved in an accident.

24 hour “Parking” mode that is based on radar based movement detection records any attempt at vandalism, this is also assisted by a G shock sensor.

Records both at front and back.

Completely integrates with BMW car system, no visible cables, no jugaad connectivity. Does not void warranty on your BMW as have been told if hard wire it into car it would void the warranty. Which was what I was told by dealer.

A very friendly app for both IOS and Android. You can wirelessly connect and download all or selective recordings with tagged details to your phone’s local storage.


• FHD (1.920 x 1080) progressive scan (front camera max. 60 fps, rear screen camera 30 fps).

• Sensor 2.4 megapixels 1/3”.

• 150° viewing angle; glass lenses.

• CPU MIPS 450 MHz.

• RAM 256 MB DDR3; 128 MB serial flash.

• GPS.

• Radar motion detection.

• Wi-Fi 1CH 802.11 n.

• Bluetooth Low Energy.

• Power supply DC 12 V; Super-Cap 3.5 F, 4.5 V (emergency back-up supply).

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