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Nextbase 512GW review

The 512GW is a mid-range dash cam from Nextbase, a company originally set up in 1999 to import portable entertainment systems from China. Since then, Nextbase has developed quite a large range of dash cams.

The 512GW is an excellent dash cam that’s easy to install and use. Video quality is very good and it has some nifty features such as the automatic parking mode, plus the auto-dimming screen and the polariser which improves clarity in sunny conditions. There’s also the optional rear camera. For my test I did not have it fully fitted.

Image quality is very good much better than the 412GW and the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0. The user interface is simple, with no need for reference to insatruction manual.

The app hasn’t seen a facelift, and it is not one of our favourites. First, it only works if you press and hold the bottom left button on the dash cam to enable Wi-Fi.

Once your phone is connected, you can view the feed from the camera(s) and also watch recorded clips.

Although the app leaves much to be desired, and the rear camera forces the front one to reduce its quality as I have tinted windows it was not as good so did not do further tests with it, the 512GW is still a great dash cam. Once installed and any options set, you can largely forget about it and it will reliably record evidence that will be invaluable if you ever need it.

The rear camera also offers good quality video, but it’s a shame this comes at the expense of quality at the front. Still, if you’re buying both together, the package price is more tempting than many dual-camera setups.

Thanks to for letting us review this with loaning us the device for the weekend.


• Display Size: 3.0in

• 140° wide-angle lens

• GPS Logging: Yes

• Speed Camera Alert: No

• Micro SD Included: No

• 32GB SD card recording time – 2.25 hours

• 109 x 56 x 37 mm

• Accessories: 4m car charger, suction mount, adhesive mount, mini USB cable

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