Apple releases iOS 13.5.1

Apple today released iOS and iPadOS 13.5.1, minor updates that come a little over a week after the release of iOS and iPadOS 13.5, major updates that brought the Exposure Notification API, FaceTime changes, mask-related unlocking updates and more. Apple’s support page lays things out more clearly the update was designed to prevent an application […]


iOS 13.3 arrives with improved parental controls

iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3, Apple has added the ability to set communication limits for Phone, FaceTime, Messages, and iCloud contacts. In doing so, parents can better manage Screen Time for their children on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The update 13.3 of iOS and iPadOS are top-lined by a new feature, Communication Limits, […]


Google Maps for iOS gets Incognito Mode

Google is rolling out Incognito Mode to iOS users, giving you the same ability to search for and navigate to locations without leaving records behind on your account or Location History. This won’t affect Assistant queries or prevent outsiders from theoretically snooping on your Google Maps traffic this is mainly so that Google and anyone […]


Cortana will offer to read your emails in Outlook for iOS

Microsoft is continuing its A.I. push. By further integrating artificial intelligence into its Microsoft 365 applications including its Office suite products such as Outlook and Excel — the company wants to offload some of the heavy human lifting to its Cortana digital smart assistant to help you stay productive. By bringing its A.I. smarts to […]


iOS 12: New Features

All of the iOS 12 features are detailed below in a handy top 20 list that’s sure to grow: Memoji, Grouped Notification, Screen Time and, importantly, better performance for older iPhones are here today, and Group FaceTime, live bokeh photo adjustments and new eSIM support are coming to iOS 12.1 soon. You don’t need the […]