Peek Inside The Galaxy Fold

This teardown is no precision iFixit job, but if you just want to see what parts then photos of the teardown of the Galaxy Fold were published on Chinese social site Weibo, but they’ve since been taken down. While the teardown didn’t go into much detail about the process, they say that the main screen is easy to remove and soft, “like rubber,” while the little screen is much more challenging and shattered. However, it’s unclear if the large screen actually worked when the phone was put back together?

Based on this teardown, the path forward seems clear. For starters, the batteries are small and take up much less room than in a normal phone. That should be fixed pretty easily. Similarly, it looks like there’s no reason for the notch to be so large, other than the awkward position of the cameras. Hopefully, they can be moved closer to the corner. Other interesting elements include its inside and outside cameras, as well as two separate battery packs.

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