HTC Vive review

The HTC Vive is amazing piece of technology. But explaining it to someone who’s never seen it before can be sort of a challenge.

Imagine seeing a moving image, an entirely new medium, unfold before your eyes for the very first time.  Picture that, with all the emotions of fear and joy and surprise and wonder, and I think you’ll be able to begin to understand what it’s like using the HTC Vive.



The HTC Vive offers a flat-out amazing virtual reality experience with sharp visuals, great motion controls and full-room sensing to walk around in virtual space. Vive hardware can help indicate where your walls are, and an in-helmet camera can be used to see your space with the headset on.


It requires a high-end PC to run. Long wires and lots of equipment take time and space to set up. Steam VR offers a lot of software but it isn’t always beginner-friendly.

Bottom line 

Vive is the best virtual-reality experience you can have right now, thanks to its motion controls and room-scale tracking. It’s the closest thing to having a holodeck in your home.

Full review to follow


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  1. Whenever I have to try an explain the HTC Vive to anyone, I always hit up this guide to teh vive. It covers it in the most basic way possible and really does a good job of explaining it in great detail.

    Cant wait for that full review Allen!

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