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Firefox Send lets you share 1GB files

Firefox Send, Mozilla’s new encrypted file sharing feature, is available for all. Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file sharing service, accessible in all browsers at

Those that wish to send files up to 1GB in size can do so without registering, while those that have files up to 2.5GB in size, will need to create a free Firefox account before proceeding.

Explaining the new feature in more detail, Firefox says Send is easy to use, without hidden prerequisites or ‘hoops’ users need to jump through.

“We know there are several cloud sharing solutions out there, but as a continuation of our mission to bring you more private and safer choices, you can trust that your information is safe with Send,” Mozilla’s Nick Nguyen writes.

“As with all Firefox apps and services, Send is Private By Design, meaning all of your files are protected and we stand by our mission to handle your data privately and securely.”

The announcement also states that an Android version is in the works and should be available for download soon. No word on iOS variants just yet.

The encrypted file sharing service comes with a few perks of its own, like choosing an expiry date for the link or limiting the number of downloads. Send uses end-to-end encryption from the moment a file is shared, to the moment it’s opened. Users can also add a password, if necessary.

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