At the start of last year I got my first shot of a drone and got into this with the help of a work colleague who has been flying them for years.  I started off with a cheap one then purchased the Mavic Air from my colleague who then purchased the  Mavic 2 Pro.  This morning I got my first shot of the Mavic 2 Pro and wanted to do a short review on it from a cold Scotland morning.

DJI has tweaked the original Mavic Pro design slightly with the Mavic 2 Pro, shaving down some edges and streamlining the body shape a little. But the overall size, shape and weight is very similar: there’s a removable battery at the back, four fold-out rotor arms with folding rotors, and a front camera mounted on a three-axis gimbal.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro gives us the sharpest video and photos out of any consumer-level drone thanks to its color-rich 4K HDR-equipped camera. Compared to the original Mavic Pro, the new the 1-inch sensor in this gimbal-stabilized camera amps up the brightness from video and stills without blowing out the picture. But, be warned, the high price blows away the competition, too, and it still can’t shoot 4K at 60fps.

Great foldable drone design
1-inch 4K camera sensor
New modes like Hyperlapse

Very expensive
Can’t shoot 4K at 60fps
Mavic 2 Zoom is compelling alternative

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