Amazon’s entry-level Kindle gets a light and a higher price tag

Amazon is bringing Paperwhite features to its classic Kindle model at half the price as the higher-end device. 

The new standard Kindle is the first e-reader in Amazon is announcing an update to its entry-level Kindle (you know, the one that’s just called “Kindle” without any cool subtitles), adding a feature that has long become standard across the rest of the company’s e-reader line: a built-in light.

To make this possible, there are around four tiny LEDs built into the panel at the bottom of the Kindle’s screen which point towards the display. The light guide layer built into the device then disperses the light across the screen, so it’s possible to see the screen in different light settings. 

In the past, this type of feature has been reserved for its higher-end models, like the Paperwhite, with prices starting at £119. 

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only major change coming to the 2019 version of the Kindle. Amazon also says that it’s tweaked the design a bit to make the device more comfortable to hold, but it still looks pretty similar to the 2016 model. The addition of the light comes at the new price £69.99 on the Amazon special offer or £79.99

The refreshed Kindle is available to preorder today from Amazon, and shipping is set for April 10th. If you already have a Kindle but are looking to upgrade, Amazon is willing to sweeten the deal with a new trade-in offer: send in your old device, and you’ll get an Amazon gift card (how much depends on what your old Kindle is) as well as a 25 percent discount on a new Kindle.

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