Garmin Marq will compete with luxury sports watches for your wrist space

Garmin has announced a collection of luxury smartwatches focused on sailing, driving, flying, athletic performance and exploring, breaking off from its usual pattern of multisport watches and trackers.

The Marq watches – made up by the Captain, Driver, Aviator, Athlete and Expedition – are being described by Garmin as “connected tools”, with the lofty price point (ranging from £1,399.99 to £2,249.99) putting them comfortably above the company’s current most expensive range, the Fenix.

Each device will feature an always-on, readable display, with GPS, heart rate and a pulse oximeter sensors bolstering the tracking experience. Smartwatch features are also on board, as Garmin Pay can be used for contactless payments, notifications can be beamed from a connected phone and built-in music storage and Spotify support helps users play their tunes from the wrist.

Battery life, like with other premium Garmin watches, is roughly what we’d expect, offering 12 days in smartwatch mode, 28 hours in GPS mode and 48 hours in the low-power GPS mode, UltraTrac.

Despite all falling under the same banner and offering much of the same base package outlined above, though, the five watches do differ quite dramatically, since they’re designed with a specific activity in mind.

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