Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV review

Native 8K is gorgeous
Deep, detailed blacks
Capable upscaler

No 8K content to watch
Colours lack vibrancy

As a glimpse of the future the Q900R is hugely impressive. It’s easy to be cynical about Samsung’s 8K TV. With precious little native 8K content currently available or due any time soon, surely a 8K TV can’t be worth buying now, right?

The 85Q900R is in a new era of TV picture quality. Its native 8K pictures are incredible, looking just like the real world only better. But even more crucially given the dearth of true 8K content for the foreseeable future, the 85Q900R makes all today’s lower resolution sources look better than they do anywhere else, too.

Whether 8K delivers the same impact on smaller screens remains to be seen, but if you have a big enough room and budget, the 85Q900R is a vision of the future that’s actually spectacularly worth buying today.

SAMSUNG Q900R Specification

Screen sizes available: 65-inch (Europe only), 75-inch (Europe only), 82-inch (US only) and 85-inch (Europe and US)

Tuner: Freeview HD

4K: Yes (Its 8K!!)

HDR: Yes (HDR10, HLG, HDR10+)

Panel technology: Samsung QLED

Smart TV: Yes/Eden 2.0

Curved: No

Dimensions: 1905.2(w) x 1094.2(h) x 36.3(d) mm

3D: No

Inputs: Four HDMIs (all 2.0 initially, with one 2.1 being added in next year’s units), three USBs, RF tuner



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