Sony reveals PlayStation 5 details: 8K graphics, ray tracing, SSDs, and PS4 backwards compatibility

We have all known for a while that Sony is working on its next-generation PlayStation console call it the PlayStation 5 for lack of a better name but today, we got the first real details on what to expect from the new hardware.

Now Sony is finally ready to talk about the next-generation PlayStation it’s been working on for the past four years. The PlayStation 5 though Sony hasn’t officially committed to that name is in the hands of game makers right now in the form of developer kits.

It will be powered by a CPU based on the third-generation AMD Ryzen processor and a GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi, which will support ray tracing and resolutions up to 8K. Cerny also teases new 3D audio technology as part of the CPU, hinting at a “dramatically different” audio experience.

The other big change coming to the PlayStation 5 is the replacement of the hard drive with an SSD, which Sony promises will improve load time and gameplay beyond anything possible with a hard drive. This is something I did with my own PlayStation 4 and it’s a massive improvement than a normal hard drive.

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