Google wants Android phones and Chromebooks working more closely together

One of the things that Apple users love about iPhones and Mac is the working of the two devices together. According to many of them, Continuity is one of the reasons they are still in Apple’s ecosystem. Microsoft is also on the same route, creating a bridge between mobile smartphones and PCs. It’s time for Google to join the team.

Chrome Story recently found some code snippets which suggests that Google is planning to make Android and Chrome OS work more closely together. I said more because Google’s Chrome OS has some level of integration with Android OS but the functionality is nowhere close to what Microsoft or Apple offers.

We don’t know anything about what improvements are coming, but as per the source, ability to click a phone number on a Chromebook to instantly call it on Android, the option to share Wi-Fi passwords between devices, and a universal clipboard feature, will be possible in the coming days.

This is funny because both Google and Microsoft are on the list. While Google lacks a viable personal computer platform, Microsoft is exactly the opposite, it completely missed the smartphone business. Nevertheless, both of them want to go to the same destination, it’s just the way of doing things are different.

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