Apple Announces a Major Update to tvOS With a New Home Screen & Multi-User Support

Today Apple just announced a major update to the Apple TV with a tvOS update that adds a new home screen and multi-user support, with personalized recommendations for each user profile. No specific date was announced, but they did said it would be this fall. Apple also announced they are adding support for the PS4 controller and Xbox One S controller on the Apple TV.

Tim Cook announced that tvOS will add multi-user support with personalized recommendations for everyone in your home for both the Apple TV app and Apple Music. Apple Music on tvOS will add lyrics that are in sync with the song currently playing.

When it launches this fall, tvOS 13 will also add support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game controllers. It already supports Bluetooth controllers, but many people are obviously more familiar with the gamepads from the biggest two gaming consoles.

Apple announced that tvOS 12 would add support for Dolby Atmos audio and a new “Zero Sign-In” feature designed to allow streaming apps from cable networks to automatically log in when used on a customer’s home Wi-Fi network.

Apple’s subscription video service, Apple TV Plus, is slated to launch sometime this fall. We’ll likely hear more details including the big one price at the company’s September event.

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