iOS 13 lets you know if you’re deleting apps with active subscriptions

Over the past few months, Apple made changes to iOS subscriptions in an effort to make them more user-friendly and transparent. Now, MacStories EIC Federico Viticci has unearthed another subscription-related feature rolling out with iOS 13. Apparently, when you attempt to delete an app on the upcoming mobile platform, a pop up will let you know if it still has an active subscription.

The notification clarifies that you’ll still be able to access your account elsewhere via a browser or another device even if you delete the app. It’ll also tell you when you’re up for renewal, and it includes a “Manage Subscription” button that takes you straight to your subscription list. You can cancel your subs from that page.

Viticci noticed the new feature on iOS 13’s second beta, which Cupertino just released. It’s just one of the smaller changes on the upcoming platform that Apple didn’t announce when iOS 13 was unveiled — we’re bound to see more of those before the mobile OS drops. Earlier this year, Apple revised its guidance for App Store subscriptions to prevent apps from tricking you into signing up. A few months later, the company also added an extra step in the process, asking you to confirm if you really want to subscribe in order to prevent accidental sign ups.

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