Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales start on July 15th

Amazon Prime Day is back on July 15th for the biggest sale event in Amazon’s annual tradition of deals and discounts. And this year, Amazon is stretching the definition of Prime “Day” even further: the deals will last a full 48 hours, beginning on Monday July 15th at 12AM

Prime Day first launched four years ago and has grown into the biggest shopping day of the year with last year’s even surpassing Cyber Monday and Black Friday with 89 million visitors logging on to the site with 100 million products purchased during the sale event. Globally it was the biggest day of sales in Amazon’s history, and we expect Amazon Prime Day 2019 to be even bigger.

What will be on sale for Prime Day on July 15? Amazon says Prime members will also see dramatic deals on Alexa-enabled devices, claiming they’ll be the “biggest Prime Day deals ever” on such hardware.

That of course foreshadows big price drops on Amazon Echo speakers, the Amazon Fire TV line, and Amazon Kindle and Fire Tablet devices. Amazon also owns Whole Foods now, and last year Prime Day deals extended to the grocery chain. Expect more of the same there, too.

In total, there will be more than one million deals globally, according to Amazon, and they’ll launch throughout the 48-hour event.

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