Google is redesigning its News tab in Search to be more readable

Google tweeted that it is in the process of rolling out a redesigned News tab for the desktop version of search. It will use a card-style layout similar to what you see with prominent news items in organic search results. It will also feature the names of publication more prominently.

News stories are now displayed in a card format rather than a list, making headlines and the names of publishers more prominent. It also seems like the company is grouping stories together more clearly, so if you search for a broad topic it’s easier to distinguish different strands of coverage.

The new layout will display a carousel of vertical cards at the top tagged “People also searched for.” Below that is the results of the search organized in horizontal cards. Visually it is something of a hybrid between organic search results and what you will find on the Google News domain, except that the horizontal cards will have article snippets and the carousel will not be the top stories of the search.

The new design is more readable and is aesthetically pleasing. Publisher names are more prominent and their logo appears next to the story. However, aesthetics and readability come at the cost of the compact listings that show you more at a glance without the need to scroll.

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