You can now run Android on a Nintendo Switch

An exploit was found in the Nintendo Switch that would allow users to run outside code. While that’s of course led to some piracy, it’s also let modders and coders have some fun with the console, up to and including getting Android running on the system, with all the features and tricks that brings along with it.

As this video from xdadevelopers shows, by running Android—off an SD card, you don’t actually install it on the system itself—you can transform your Switch from a Nintendo games console to a multimedia and internet device that will also play a ton of older games via emulation.

Here’s a shortlist of other notable limitations:

The Joy-Cons only connect via Bluetooth, so they’ll always in wireless mode even if they’re physically connected
Bluetooth headsets are limited to older, less power-efficient and lower-quality profiles
There’s no video DRM, so Netflix won’t let you stream at HD resolutions
The Switch doesn’t have a camera, mic, or GPS, so lots of Android apps are off-limits
While the USB ports let you plug in mice, keyboards and controllers, there’s no USB external storage support
No deep sleep mode, “so battery life is not great.”
“WiFi may randomly stop working. If this happens just reboot.”

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