Twitter test notifies you of replies to interesting conversations

Twitter in more recent months has been focused on making conversations on its platform easier to follow, participate in, and in some cases, block. The social site is testing notifications on Android and iOS for replies to a given tweet, ensuring that you won’t miss a moment. You can limit it to replies from the author, mentioned people and those you follow, or open the floodgates to all replies if you’re not worried about junk tweets and spam.

It’s not certain this will become a mainstay of Twitter, although it may stand a better chance than some experiments. This could be an easier way to keep tabs on a live-tweeted show, an impending tweetstorm or just a vigorous debate. It could also improve the quality of conversations by letting you focus solely on the interesting replies, particularly for celebrities and politicians that receive legions of fluff replies no matter what they post.

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