Nintendo is prepping a wireless SNES controller for the Switch

Nintendo documentation has detailed an upcoming wireless SNES controller for the Switch.

The unannounced peripheral was spotted today in a new FCC filing (required for its release in the US).

Much of the documentation is confidential, although we’ve got one diagram of the controller’s back portion to gaze at. Note the “HAC” model number, used to refer to Nintendo Switch hardware and accessories.

Modern controllers based on classic designs aren’t a new idea for Nintendo. Last year, the Japanese gaming giant launched wireless versions of the original NES controller for the Switch. Unfortunately, they launched at $59.99 for a pair which was more than some gamers were willing to pay. With any luck, Nintendo will give this new batch of SNES Bluetooth controllers a more reasonable price tag.

Some are also speculating that Nintendo is preparing to add SNES games to Nintendo Switch Online. That makes sense given the new controller although we’ll have to wait for confirmation from Nintendo to be certain. Remember, we were all but convinced that a Nintendo 64 Classic was coming, only for the company to pour cold water on our dreams.

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