Apple Watch will come in titanium and ceramic casings

The new Apple Watch will come with two new casing options, which will see Apple return to ceramic and introduce an entirely new premium material – titanium. There’s no word on whether the internals have been updated.

The Apple Watch Series 4 successor that is expected to launch this year alongside the new iPhone and MacBook Pro. Brazilian website discovered several assets inside the latest Watch OS 6 beta that seem to indicate the new Apple Watch will also come in ceramic and titanium casings. Interestingly enough, Apple also used titanium on its recently released Apple Card.

This wouldn’t be the first Apple Watch that Apple has sold in a ceramic variant, as it did offer such an option with the Series 2 and Series 3 watches – but the company didn’t do that for the Series 4 lineup. The titanium finish would be a new development and likely come at a premium. On the other hand, it will be available in both 40 mm and 44 mm versions, which also indicates the new revision will keep the same form factor as the last generation.

Ming Chi-Kuo confirmed the new casing options and believes the new watches will be part of a new lineup, but there’s still a small possibility that they’ll be added as part of the Series 4 lineup as new color and casing options in preparation for the holiday season. After all, there’s no information yet on whether Apple has updated the internals so this might not warrant the branding of a generational leap.

The analyst also said the new Watch won’t get a micro-LED display, which is reportedly reserved for next year’s lineup. ChinaZ – the website that released his report – says Apple is apparently with Japan Display and Changxin Technology to supply OLED displays for this year’s models, possibly in preparation for higher demand.

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