Netflix test brings human-curated ‘Collections’ to streaming

Netflix is testing a new feature on iOS called ‘Collections’ that presents users with a batch of content curated by humans, not machines. The curated Collections cover both TV shows and movies and are grouped together based on certain commonalities, such as the tone of the content, storylines, genre, and more. Collections join Netflix’s existing personalized recommendations.

In its present form, Netflix shows users content grouped by genre, some of them very specific, such as ‘gory thrillers’ rather than simply ‘horror.’ These narrow classifications help users zero in on the specific movies and TV shows they’re interested in, though the same system has been criticized as making Netflix’s content selection feel smaller than it is.

Netflix also tracks titles that are popular and trending across its service, so you can check in on what everyone else is watching, as well.

The new Collections feature was first spotted by Jeff Higgins, who tweeted some screenshots of the addition.

If you’ve been opted in to the test, the Collections option is available at the top right of the app’s homepage where My List would have been otherwise.

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