Apple is already beta testing iOS 13.1 before iOS 13 is even out

We’re just two weeks away from September 10th, the day Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 11 which means there isn’t much time to finish its iOS 13 operating system before launch.

The company published an iOS 13.1 developer beta version yesterday – marking the first time an iOS release has been in development beta before the original version has been made publicly available.

iOS 13.1 appears to be targeted at adding features that weren’t ready for the initial beta release, including the restoration of Automations within Shortcuts and an option to share your ETA on Maps.

Other new features include a volume indicator for AirPods and new HomeKit icons.

It appears that iOS 13 has been finalized for release, and testing for the first major iOS 13 update has begun. This suggests that iOS 13 beta 8 and public beta 7 were the last iOS 13 beta releases ahead of launch. The release notes for iOS 13.1.

We expect an iOS 13.1 mini-update shortly after you get iOS 13 in the coming weeks. Many sites are already tracking the changes between iOS 13 and 13.1, and there doesn’t seem to be many, which is a good thing. Even features that were once removed from the iOS 13 beta test, like Shortcuts Automations and Share ETA in Maps, are now present in iOS 13.1.

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