Samsung could announce the Galaxy Fold’s launch at IFA next week

Samsung might relaunch its troubled Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone at IFA in Berlin on 6 September. According to a Korean report the phone is being readied for release in South Korea on that date, which also coincides with IFA, the major tech trade show.

The 6th September is the first day of IFA though this rumoured Korean release date might be coincidental Samsung does not usually use IFA for big product announcements, preferring MWC earlier in the year or its own standalone press conferences outside of trade show dates.

To recap, the $2,000 foldable device’s original April 26 launch date was postponed after tech reviewers found the gap between the screen and body at the hinge was allowing debris to enter, causing damage to the display. Additionally, some people were removing the screen membrane after mistaking it for a regular screen protector.

Not long after the postponement, Samsung asked customers if they wanted to keep their Fold preorders. In May, reports arrived claiming the company had fixed the device’s issues and it would arrive in June, but rather than consumers finally getting their hands on the phone, Samsung merely said a new release date would arrive soon and that it was “ready to hit the market,”

Samsung said the Fold would release in September. According to a Korean publication, the company was finally being honest.

The report also claims that the Fold will be released in the US and China shortly after. This might refer to pre-orders, as it’d be a quick turnaround to put the new device completely on sale a month from now.

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