Nintendo confirms ‘Overwatch’ is coming to Switch October 15th

Nintendo has confirmed one of the biggest rumors in gaming over the last week or so is true Overwatch will be available on Switch this fall. It revealed the news in its latest Direct, after a couple of leaks and a Kotaku report indicated Blizzard’s FPS was making its way to the console. You’ll be able to start pushing payloads on Switch October 15th.

“Overwatch brings players together to cooperate and compete in a bright and optimistic vision of the future, and we’re looking forward to welcoming Nintendo Switch gamers into the fun,” J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment, said in a statement. “The Legendary Edition includes more than three years’ worth of content updates and gameplay enhancements, and we’re excited to team up with Nintendo to provide players with new ways to enjoy the full Overwatch experience including on the go.”

The Switch version has a little something extra compared with other platforms: motion controls. There’s also a bonus Widowmaker skin on offer if you pre-order a copy and you’ll get three months of Nintendo Switch Online with the game. If you log in by December 31st, you’ll receive a Golden Loot Box as a bonus which includes at least one legendary item. Blizzard is also offering 15 bonus skins with Overwatch Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch: five legendary outfits, five epic looks and five origin skins. It’ll be available in a boxed version (with a download code) and through the Nintendo eShop for $39.99.

However, there’s no word on cross-play as yet, or whether you’ll be able to access skins, voice lines and sprays you’ve earned on PS4, Xbox One or PC. That might come down the line, but for now, Switch owners might finally be able to find out for themselves what all the fuss is about with this game next month.

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