Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 may include a new 15-inch model

The Surface Laptop is available in a 13.5 inch screen size. Microsoft is planning to offer a new screen size 15 inches at their 2nd October Surface event. It will work with the Surface Pen.

The historically accurate WinFuture claims that Microsoft will unveil a 15-inch flavor of the next Surface Laptop presumably the Surface Laptop 3 at its October 2nd event. Most details aren’t available at this stage, but Microsoft reportedly intends to preserve the taller-than-usual 3:2 screen aspect ratio like it did for the larger Surface Book.

There may be more shakeups at the media gathering. The Verge expects an AMD-powered Surface Laptop 3 the first AMD-based Surface of any kind at the event, although it’s not certain if the new chip option would be available in the 15-inch system, the 13.5-inch variant or both.

The October 2nd presentation could have a wide variety of devices on tap, including an updated Surface Pro, a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based system and a teaser for a dual-screen Surface. It wouldn’t represent a radical departure for Microsoft outside of the teaser, but it would diversify a lineup that’s still quite small.

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