Google Assistant gets a second voice option in nine countries

Google is adding a brand new voice to Google Assistant in nine countries. The company wants to give users more options when it comes to the Assistant voice, so they can pick the one they actually like the most.

Today’s announcement means the nine countries now have a second Assistant voice option to pick from. The nine supported languages include the following, with each language corresponding to the country:

English in the U.K.
English in India

Google claimed the new voices should sound natural and feature good pacing and pitch, thanks to DeepMind’s WaveNet technology. The company also claimed the voices will sound like a native speaker and be able to understand users’ accents, cultural references, the way they talk, and more

What’s even more interesting about this new voice for the nine languages is that it’s all built by AI. Google actually used the WaveNet tech from DeepMind, which is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, to generate these new voices while making them sound natural.

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