Apple confirms 50 percent of iPhones have upgraded to iOS 13

Apple’s iOS 13 update may have been riddled with bugs over the course of its first few weeks post-release, but that hasn’t had a meaningful impact on user adoption. According to the company, more than 50 percent of all iPhones were running iOS 13 just 26 days after launch. That’s slower than iOS 12, which took just 23 days to hit 50 percent, but not by much.

In a post aimed at app developers, Apple has revealed information about the scale of adoption based on visitors to the App Store. It says that 50 percent of all iPhones now run iOS 13, with 41 percent running iOS 12 and the remaining 9 percent running an earlier version of the OS. There’s also information about more recent devices, with 55 percent of all iPhones introduced in the last four years using iOS 13.

The iPad paints a slightly different picture, mostly due to the release of iPadOS, a slightly tweaked version of iOS 13. Uptake seems to be a little slower on this device, with 33 percent of all iPads running iPadOS and 51 percent of devices still using iOS 12.

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