Motorola teases its foldable RAZR phone reveal for November 13th

CNET reports it’s sending out invites for a November 13th event in Los Angeles that promise the “highly-anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon.”

Along with an embedded GIF of something that looks like a hinged mobile device, it’s not hard to figure out what we’ll see, but the exact details of how it will work are still unclear. A patent filing uncovered earlier this year suggested a thin device that looks a lot like the old-school RAZR phones, while the Wall Street Journal pointed out sources saying a $1,500 device could hit the market as a Verizon exclusive.

Motorola appears to have multiple taglines for the event, but they all strongly hint at the foldable RAZR. The invite includes the phrase “You’re going to flip,” and the event will apparently be the “highly-anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon,” according to CNET. We will see next month to be sure.

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