Google is working on a way for Chrome to label slow websites

Google’s Chrome web browser may have an answer for you. Google announced a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly by way of clear badging. Google says it may later choose to identify sites that are likely to be slow based on the user’s device and current network conditions, as well.

Google is in the early stages of creating a badging system that’ll identify websites that offer high-quality experiences namely, those that are optimized for speed and have a solid track record of delivering on a consistent basis.

Google’s Chrome team said the feature may take a number of forms, adding that they are experimenting with different options to see which provide the most value for users. For example, they may lean on historical load latencies as one metric.

More advanced iterations may even identify when a site is likely to be slow based on the device you are using or network conditions.

Google highlights a couple of tools PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse as starting points to evaluate the performance of your website and encourages owners not to wait to optimize their sites.

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