Apple Music Replay is a rolling compilation of your favorite songs of the year

Apple Music is introducing a fun new way to take a look at your listening history from over the past year. Called Apple Music Replay, the new feature will bundle up everything you’ve played in 2019, allowing you to see things like how many albums your music selections came from, or which top songs you had on repeat.

They’re not set in stone, either. Apple is promising weekly updates for the current playlist until the year is over, so you can start listening to your Replay 2020 playlist while you’re still scrubbing New Year’s champagne out of the carpet. It is similar to Spotify’s Wrapped, which is a yearly curation of your most listened to songs. Apple Music Replay, however, is an ongoing experience where the playlist evolves throughout the year, not just an annual review. The list, and the stats it shows update every Sunday, so you can watch your Replay grow and change.

Additionally, Apple Music Replay will generate a playlist for every year a user has been subscribed to the service, so it is not limited to just the current year. You can also import the compilations to your music library for offline listening and share them to social media.

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