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Google opens its latest Google Glass AR headset for direct purchase

Google has announced that developers and businesses can now buy Glass Enterprise Edition 2 directly from its resellers. The third incarnation of Google Glass nearly a year after launching it through select workplace partners for $999 a unit. While Google no longer considers Glass to be a consumer-focused product, it should be much easier for anyone to get their hands on the latest version if they really want one.

To help developers create software for the device, Google also released some new code samples and open source applications, including some user interface elements and sample layouts. But since Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is built on Android, developers can use APIs and services they’re perhaps familiar with to build apps.

Listings are live for Enterprise Edition 2 at some Google resellers. The core device costs north of $1,000 on those sites, but you’ll also need a band to strap it to your head. A titanium one will run you around $150.

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