Samsung’s discounted Galaxy S10 series

Samsung is knocking $150 off the cost of its entire Galaxy S10 lineup of phones, which includes the S10E, S10, and S10 Plus. These permanent price cuts are effective immediately, and it’s happening on the heels of Samsung’s Unpacked event where it unveiled its new Galaxy S20 generation of flagship phones.

You won’t get the larger screens, more advanced cameras and other hardware upgrades of the S20, of course. However, Samsung has promised that some software features will come to the S10 series in time.

These 2019 phones have already seen a good deal of discounts in the year that they’ve been available, and with this price cut in effect, you’re looking at new starting price of $599 for the S10E, $749 for the S10, and $849 for the S10 Plus.

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