Recording 8K videos on the Galaxy S20 uses 600MB per minute

Samsung says one minute of 8K video will result in a file size of 600MB. While the S20 is limited to 128GB of internal storage, the S20+ (5G version) and S20 Ultra come in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models. You could also opt for a 1TB microSD card, which is enough for plenty of 8K clips.

There are a couple of limitations when shooting in 8K on the S20 handsets. Videos are limited to five minutes in length, and don’t expect to be hitting 60fps or even 30fps at this resolution—frame rates are capped at 24fps.

Samsung notes that recording in 8K allows users to grab 33-megapixel stills straight from the videos, meaning you can pick out high-quality photos from a clip.

While the scarcity and expense of 8K televisions mean watching your footage at its native resolution won’t be easy, Samsung’s partnership with YouTube allows users to upload the 8K vids directly to their channel from one of the devices.

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