The Galaxy Z Flip’s glass screen isn’t durable

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, its display’s extra-thin glass drew the attention of many people. It theoretically offered a better feel and more durability than the fragile plastic of the Galaxy Fold. You might not want to get your hopes up, however. JerryRigEverything has subjected the Z Flip’s screen to a durability test. It’s just as prone to scratching as the plastic displays of the Fold and the Motorola Razr, to the point where a fingernail can leave marks. Puncture and heat tests didn’t fare any better.

Nelson went so far as to suggest that Samsung wasn’t using real glass, speculating that it might be a glass-polymer hybrid.

Samsung revealed to The Verge that it’ll offer a Fold-like one-time screen replacement for $119, and that you can also get a free one-time application of a screen protector at “select” Samsung and UBreakiFix locations.

Samsung hasn’t touted the Z Flip’s screen as more durable. Its focus is more on the appearance and feel. Nonetheless, this makes clear that Samsung hasn’t solved foldable screen durability yet. This is a step forward, but it could take a long while before foldables can withstand as much abuse as their conventional counterparts.

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