HTC opens pre-orders for its $899 Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset

HTC has announced via Twitter that its new previously unveiled PC VR headset designed for “elite gaming” is now available to preorder for $899. The new headset offers a combined pixel resolution of 2880 x 1700 offering and 88% increase over the original Vive VR headset. check out the quick promotional video below to learn more.

The Cosmos Elite comes preinstalled with an External Tracking Faceplate that allows 360-degree tracking of a whole room. The faceplate, which will also be available on its own for $199 next quarter, is filled with sensors and relies on the device’s accompanying SteamVR base stations for high-precision tracking.

As you can guess, Cosmos Elite costs a bit more than its siblings, since it already comes with a faceplate. A bundle with two base stations, a pair of controllers and built-in earphones will set you back $899. HTC has also revealed on Twitter with its pre-order reminder that the device will start shipping on March 18th.

Features fo the HTC VIVE Cosmo Elite VR headset include :

Lighthouse tracking. – Base Station 1.0 generates accurate external tracking. Slash, punch and spin with precision.
Crystal-clear graphics. – Enjoy the highest VIVE visual resolution and minimized screen-door effects. See detail-packed worlds the way they’re meant to be seen.
Flip-up design. – Go easily between reality and virtual reality with the flip-up design—all without disrupting your VR journey.

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