Leaked watchOS 7 code reveals new ‘International’ watchface

Earlier leaks have already revealed a lot of the bigger changes rumored to be coming to watchOS 7 and the Apple Watch Series 6, including sleep tracking and watchface sharing, but a new report from 9to5Mac has revealed another new feature: a new “International” watchface.

9to5Mac also noted would feature a new “Infograph Pro” face), the International leak actually had images found in iOS 14 that show off what it’ll look like. It seems that users will be able to select their favorite country with the watchface, which will then feature a stylized, minimalist version of that flag as a background. It’s not yet clear how the time will actually be overlaid on the watchface, nor what (if any) additional complications customers will be able to use.

watchOS 7 is expected to be released this coming fall. Historically, Apple has tended to announce its new operating systems at WWDC in June, although it’s not clear if that conference will be taking place due to the ongoing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

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