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Nvidia tweets, then deletes a mysterious teaser showing an animated blinking eye

Nvidia is expected to make some announcements this month as part of its annual GPU Technology Conference, which will be an all-digital affair (save for the keynote, because that’s been cancelled altogether). Ahead of the online event, Nvidia teased an announcement on Twitter, then spurred further interest when the tweet was deleted.

The tweet came from @NvidiaANZ, the company’s official Twitter handle for news and announcements in Australia and New Zealand. The folks at eTeknix managed to take a screen grab before it was removed, which consisted of a date (March 19, 2020) an eyeball emoji, and an interesting black and white animation.

While it’s no longer available to view, the animation appeared to depict an eyeball tracking two points of light crossing over the iris. There’s been some speculation that this could somehow be related to Nvidia’s next-generation Ampere GPU, though TechPowerUp brings up the possibility of it actually pointing to a technique called foveated rendering.

Nobody seems to understand what the tweet is referring to. It could pointing toward a new advancement in foveated rendering an eye-tracking feature for VR that aims to boost performance — or it could somehow be related to Nvidia’s Ampere GPU architecture.

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