Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A offers LTE connectivity

Samsung has rolled out a new tablet that offers some surprising features at a low price. The tablet is called the Galaxy Tab A 8.4 and it comes standard with 32GB of internal storage. Perhaps the best feature considering the under $300 price point for the tablet is that it has integrated LTE connectivity.

Samsung promises that the tablet can run for up to 10 hours on a charge and it has integrated Wi-Fi as you would expect from a modern tablet. Since the tablet runs Android, there is a microSD card slot for additional storage that supports up to 512GB cards. The tablet supports video chats with a 5MP front-facing camera, while an 8MP rear camera takes pictures and records video for sharing.

Samsung has made a few other updates from last year’s 8-inch Galaxy Tab A: the new tablet includes a main display resolution of 1920 x 1080 (last year’s had 1280 x 800) and an octa-core processor. (The previous tablet had the quad-core Snapdragon 429.) You’re making a couple of trade-offs for the new model, though. Mainly, the battery is a bit smaller: 5,000mAh compared to last year’s 5,100mAh. The new device also runs Android Pie, despite the fact that Android 10 has been out since September 2019.

Samsung is pushing the tablet as an entry-level entertainment device for families. The company is also offering a discount of $7.50 off for new subscribers to its Samsung Kids Plus app, which provides educational games and videos for kids. The deal applies to the first month following a one-month free trial.

The tablet is available now for $279. Samsung is currently shipping the Verizon model, but it says the tablet will be available through AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular in the coming weeks.

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